Why Membership?

Benefits of membership in CPSP include:

  • Participation in a chapter consisting of six to twelve supportive fellow pilgrims for
    • Ongoing peer review and peer support
    • Professional development
    • Mentoring and consultation in preparing for certification
  • Professional and career development opportunities
    • Discounted participation at CPSP Plenary
    • Other events – regional or virtual – targeted at enhancing understanding
  • Notification (by e-mail) of new postings to Pastoral Report (the CPSP journal), event announcements and reminders, and internal communications
    • Access to career opportunity postings (updated frequently)
    • Opportunities for certification in various clinical/supervisory roles
    • Publication of your name, contact information, and credentials in the CPSP Directory
    • A welcome package consisting of a CPSP mug and lanyard

Chapter membership and professional development are core elements of membership.