Joining CPSP

Begins with the Chapter

CPSP is the only fully integrated professional chaplaincy organization and community in the nation (and in the world). What does that mean? CPSP isn't just a member organization or a certifying body or made up of educators. It trains chaplains, conducts board certification and accredits clinical pastoral education and training programs with high professional standards and does so in a uniquely accountable chapter-based model. 

CPSP is the only established chapter-based pastoral care organization that provides on going peer review and support to chaplains throughout their career.

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Becoming a Member of CPSP

Once you have been accepted into membership by a Chapter, you're ready for the next step – becoming a member of the College. 

Complete the form below and check out to pay your first year's dues:

  • All new members in CPSP join without certification; completing the membership process is a requirement for certification by CPSP.
  • Annual dues for non-certified members is $100. 
  • Dues are pro-rated (monthly). 

Please be aware that if you have not established membership in a chapter, and you join online, that you may incur an electronic refund fee from our credit card processing vendor.

Need help finding a chapter? Check the Directory of Chapter Conveners for a chapter near you and email or call one of our conveners to talk with them. You can also email us at


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