Governing Council

The Governing Council – comprised of the Chapter of Chapters, the Chapter of Diplomates, and the Executive Chapter – exhibits chapter-based governance at the scale required for an organization of over 130 chapters.

The Chapter of Chapters consists of six-chapter Conveners, each representing a cluster of chapters grouped more or less geographically. Each representative is chosen from and by the conveners in the cluster. A list of the states in each region and a map of the regions can be found on the Convener's Corner page. 

The Chapter of Diplomates consists of six diplomates, chosen at large without nomination or candidacy, from and by all diplomates. Positions are allocated between diplomates in Pastoral Supervision and Pastoral Psychotherapy in proportion to their numbers, and are filled on a three-year, rotational basis.

The Executive Chapter consists of six persons – the General Secretary, the President, and the Treasurer, along with Chairpersons of any three of the Standing Committees as designated by the General Secretary.

The Governing Council approves the governing documents of CPSP, and any changes as needed, establishes policies and procedures where matters are not addressed in those documents, and communicates decisions in a timely manner to the chapters and members. The Governing Council is responsible for all legal and fiscal matters, for the appointment of the General Secretary, President, and Treasurer, and for the hiring and employment of the Administrator. In its role as a board, the Governing Council fulfills its fiduciary responsibility to the chapters and members of the College.


 Executive Chapter





General Secretary

Rev. Dr. Raymond J. Lawrence

(917) 887-4057


Rabbi Dr. Hillel Fox

(917) 231-5911


Ivette Muniz

(201) 962-0255


Rev. Dr. Juan T. Loya

(210) 725-5416

Chair, Accreditation Oversight

Solon Smith

(769) 232-1480

Chair, Certification ​Fr. Pothin Ngyele (301) 514-3478

Member, Regular Consultant to the Executive Chapter

David Plummer

(757) 927-2427

Chief of Staff,
Regular Consultant to the Executive Chapter
George Akins, 586-8542

 Chapter of Chapters

Position Name Email Phone
Region 1 Rev. Kimberly L. Schmitt Holman (770) 719-7037
Region 1 (Alternate) Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones (404) 245-0345
Region 2 Eileen M Flenner (717) 860-3133
Region 2 (Alternate) Rev. Rick Boyle (724) 652-7466
Region 3 Matthew Real (916) 549-1187
Region 3 (Alternate) Linda Cummings (480) 203-4884
Region 4 Maricela Sosa (210) 595-8553
Region 4 (Alternate) Pastor Omar J. Rodríguez (787) 630-5556
Region 5  
Chapter of Chapters
Rev. Rita-Ann Bakr
(973) 699-3535
Region 5 (Alternate) Rev Kimberly L Schmitt Holman (609) 213-2234
Region 6 Dr. Mei-Po Young Tam +852 640-6923
Region 6 (Alternate) Dr. Susanna Chung Ping Wong +852 580-44140
Region 7 Rev. Dr. Esteban Montilla (210) 616-0885
Region 7 (Alternate) Azahel Almerida (407) 952-9015


 Chapter of Diplomates

Position Name Email Phone Term End
Member Dr. Judith Mufuh (240) 826-6112 12/31/2023
Member Dr. James William Pruett (704) 577-5862 12/31/2023
Member Rev Dr. James E Steward, II (516) 632-4586 12/31/2024
Member Tedford Taylor (609) 631-6980 12/31/2024
Member Dr. Brian H. Childs (410) 253-4953 12/31/2028
Member Dr Susanna Chung Ping Wong Ip (852) 580-44140 12/31/2024

 Past Presidents of CPSP

Name Email Phone
Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones
Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones
(404) 245-0345
Patricia M Berron 648-2227
Dr. Brian H. Childs (410) 253-4953
Rev. Dr. Jonathan H. Freeman (336) 774-7080
Elizabeth Darwin Grobmyer (501) 516-4979
Rev. Dr. Francine Hernandez (347) 610-7889
Rev. Dr. Esteban Montilla (210) 616-0885
William (Bill) Scar (310) 487-7236


Name Email Phone
Rev. Dr. Raymond J. Lawrence (917) 887-4057
Rev. Dr. Perry N. Miller (919) 622-1085

 Ex Officio Members

Name Email Phone
Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD  

 Endorser Liaison

Position Name Phone Email
Endorsing Executive Rev. David B. Plummer (757) 927-2427

 Standing Committee Chairs

Committee Chair Email Phone
Accreditation Oversight
Solon Smith
 (769) 232-1480
Annual Chapter Reauthorization
Rev. Dr. Denice Parker Lawrence
(917) 860-4742
Annual Chapter Reauthorization
Karen M Huddelson-Gillespie (231) 459-5010
​Fr. Pothin Ngyele
(301) 514-3478
Communications (OPEN)

Rev. Dr. Francine Hernandez
(347) 610-7889
Finance Rev. Garrett Bugg (609) 240-2204
Standards Cynthia Olson


Position Name Phone Email
Secretary  Angela L Hicks-Davis  (212) 246-6410