Certification Fees

    Certification Review Panel Fees

    Certification review panel fees are due before deadline for the scheduled review panel, typically, 60 days before the review panel date.

    Review panel fees are non-refundable, but if a candidate cannot attend a scheduled review panel, the fees may be transferred to another scheduled review panel.

    The $250 review panel fee is due each time a candidate sits for a review, if their certification requires that they have a review panel.

    Certifications requiring a review panel are:

    • Clinical Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor
    • Associate Clinical Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor
    • Pastoral Psychotherapist
    • Diplomates

    Certifications that do not require a review panel:

    • Clinical Fellow/Associate in Hospice and Palliative Care
    • Clinical Fellow/Associate in Substance Use and Addiction
    • Clinically Trained Minister

    The certificate fee covers the cost of the certificate, shipping, tracking, and replacement if the certificate is lost or arrives to the candidate damaged.

    Replacement certificates may be ordered if a certified member loses or damages a certificate or has a name change. The cost of the replacement certificate is half the current cost of the certificate, and that cost covers shipping and tracking.


    Schedule of Certification Fees

    Effective January 1, 2019


    Diplomate (DS, DPP)

    $250 Review panel fee
    $150 Certificate

    Clinicians (CC/PC, ACC/APC, PP)

    $250 Review panel fee
    $100 Certificate

    Hospice and Palliative Care (HPC, AHPC)*

    $100 Certificate
    No review panel required

    Substance Use and Addiction (SUA)*

    $100 Certificate
    No review panel required

    Clinically Trained Minister (CTM)

    $100 Certificate
    No review panel required

    *HPC, AHPC, and SUA certifications require that a candidate 
    is first CC/PC, ACC/APC, or PP certified.