CPSP members organize themselves in such a way that each participates in a small group called a chapter consisting of six to twelve colleagues.

The essential spirit of CPSP is to know others and to be known by others. Full accountability for both professional practice and personal conduct is assured. Members monitor the professional competence of all activities, provide consultation whenever needed, and assess certification and membership requirements.

Chapters meet and function according to The Standards, in accordance with the By-Laws. They regularly meet (an average of at least 2 hours per member per year) and function as a chapter in a manner that is congruent with and for the purposes expressed in the CPSP Covenant, and not as a joint, combined, or multiple organizational membership group.

Chapters that lack the number of certified members (at any level) required to certify or to review members for recertification shall establish a relation with another chapter for consulting, mentoring, and certification or recertification. This sponsoring relationship shall be renewed annually by agreement of both chapters, in consultation with the General Secretary and/or the Certification and Promotion of Chapters Committee.

Chapters will function freely, creatively and with autonomy while being subject to the authority of the Governing Council.