Joanne Greenberg (20th, 2021)

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Joanne Greenberg was graduated from American University, Washington, D.C., with a major in anthropology and English literature, and she also studied at the University of London and the University of Colorado.

In 1955, she married Albert Greenberg, who encouraged her to write her first book, THE KING’S PERSONS, an account of the York Massacre. This has been followed by 12 novels and four collections of short stories.

When Mr. Greenberg worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor with a case load of deaf clients, Mrs. Greenberg became interested in communicating with the deaf, and since then has assisted in the setting up of mental health programs for the deaf in various places throughout the country. This interest also led to her novel IN THIS SIGN, which was recently dramatized on television.

Mrs. Greenberg lives in a mountain top home near Lookout Mountain, Colorado, with her husband. Their two sons are grown. She writes daily; tutors in Latin and Hebrew; teaches cultural anthropology and fiction writing at the Colorado School of Mines; and is active in the Beth Evergreen congregation, conducting Bar Mitzvah preparation as well as other involvements. She is a frequent participant in writers’ seminars and workshops all over the country, and has conducted classes in writing for military personnel in Japan. Her speaking engagements include, but are not limited to, schools, library associations, and book groups. In addition, she performs as a storyteller, helping to keep this art– and the stores–alive.

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