Book Read Event #2 by The Women In Leadership Committee

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Women in Leadership is sponsoring its second book-read event in October 2022.
This event is gender identity inclusive. Our focus is to provide a platform for open discussion on various ‘isms’ and how they affect our relationships, belief systems, and unconscious behaviors in our pastoral care encounters.

The book chosen by the inaugural book-read participants is Injustice and the Care of Souls: Taking Oppression Seriously in Pastoral Care, by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook and Karen B. Montagno, Editors.

“Pastoral care is often focused on individual problems, but much of what harms and impedes people stems from the larger social maladies at work in their lives. This unprecedented gathering of twenty-two essays by a diverse group of renowned writers and experienced caregivers discusses the realities of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, and classism prevalent within the church and society. Injustice and the Care of Souls supplies pastoral caregivers with the knowledge and the skills needed to respond effectively and with compassion to oppressed and marginalized persons.”

The book is divided into two parts. 

“Part One examines the larger issues of resisting oppression, antiracism, and engaging difference. It then speaks directly to care issues with African American women, Latino/as, and Asian North Americans, as well as providing Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist perspectives on pastoral counseling.”

“Part Two looks at more specific dimensions of oppression-sensitive care, including essays on gay ministry, addiction, HIV/AIDS, senior adults, disability, transgenderism, homelessness, hospice ministry, and ritual care. Throughout, this wide-ranging volume helps pastors and students to reflect on the ways their own social locations have an impact on their ministries and to gain familiarity with resources available to support pastoral caregivers in a variety of contexts.” 

We will discuss the book over seven months. The sessions will last 90 minutes from 7 PM to 8:30 PM EST on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, beginning October 12, 2022, and run through May 10, 2023 (no December session).

Registration is open to all in the community (as well as guests outside CPSP) as we look to explore, discuss, and discover our unconscious biases as we make our way through Injustice and the Care of Souls. 

There is no cost for this event and participants are expected to obtain a copy of the book. 


Registration will be limited to 30 registrants who ideally will be able to attend all seven sessions.

If we have more than 30 registrants, we will compile a waiting list and possibly reconsider the format. 

The deadline for registration is September 22.


Chapters may want to consider this event/book as an opportunity for professional development and ten CEUs will be awarded to those who complete all attendance requirements.

For more information, contact Nancy Schaffer at

Date & Time
Wednesday May 10, 2023
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