Gaea Thompson and Bill Scar

Tell us what you think… Really!

YOU, all individual members of the CPSP,  are being asked to express yourselves and offer your opinions about the development of the CPSP and the needs of pastoral care ministries in today’s settings.  Your views are important, whether they lead to affirmation or debate.  We seek “conversation” and communication that opens our minds and hearts to the needs of our patients and the changes we can make that will better serve our missions. 

The CPSP was borne out of a movement that sought to improve the ministries of professional chaplains and ordained clergy clinicians.  A group of chaplains, enthused by the Boisen tradition, joined together and expressed their concerns openly and assertively to the world of professional pastoral care over 30 years ago.  They organized as the CPSP and elected Raymond Lawrence to serve as General Secretary, a position intended to provide leadership without offense and the diminishment of the authority of each chaplain and pastoral psychotherapist.  The year was 1990. 

The strength of the CPSP was exemplified in open debate, accountability, and mutual support, which established the values that came alive in the model of Chapter membership.  Our ministries have thrived in this context.  However, after 32 years, we are hungry again for the strong opinions and open debate that enliven our energies and enrich our spirits.  Change and growth are needed now in the CPSP.  We need the leadership of ideas and the commitment of people willing to fight for what they believe. 

Send YOUR thoughts, concerns, dreams, criticisms, challenges, and hopes to: [email protected].

We may not be able to publish everything, but I hope that is because the response is so great.  Please write. 

Bill Scar

Bill Scar, Editor
[email protected]