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Report from NCTS-West, Sept. 18-20, 2022 - by Brad Calhoun

Posted on 10/5/2022
Against the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Serra Retreat Center, Malibu, CA, the first live and “in-person” NCTS-West since October 2019 took place September 18-20, 2022. Being together again with colleagues...


The CPSP is proud to welcome two new programs

Posted on 9/28/2022
We are happy to report that two new CPE Training Programs have started Fall Unit at two Kaiser Permanente hospitals, Sunnyside Medical Center and Westside Medical Center, in Portland, OR. The units will run from September through December.


Tell us what you think... Really! by Bill Scar, Editor

Posted on 9/7/2022
The strength of the CPSP was exemplified in open debate, accountability, and mutual support, which established the values that came alive in the model of Chapter membership. Our ministries have thrived in this context.


REVIEW of Raymond J. Lawrence's Book: Harry Stack Sullivan and Anton T. Boisen by Charla Hayden

Posted on 9/1/2022
I found Raymond Lawrence’s new book very engaging – partly because I had some previous exposure to Sullivan’s writings and was curious to know more, but also because I had been introduced to Anton T. Boisen’s work...


Assuming We Are Willing to Take Our Future Seriously by Bill Scar, Editor

Posted on 8/16/2022
When I became CPSP President in 2015, we worked to grow our ministries and be more inclusive and diverse. We had seen the expansion of state licensure around the country, as well as the diminishing influence of religious denominational structures.


A Book Review: Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in the 21st Century... by Raymond J. Lawrence

Posted on 7/27/2022
This collection of essays just off the press purports to represent the current state of institutional chaplaincy in the U.S. The editors’ invitation to the Executive Director of the ACPE, currently the largest clinical pastoral supervision...


Harry Stack Sullivan and Anton T. Boisen: Comrades and... A Review by Robert H. Munson

Posted on 6/21/2022
Raymond Lawrence’s newest book seeks to rewrite history by revealing the titular men and how they were both critical to the formation of the CPE (or CPT) movement and pastoral psychotherapy. As part of that movement since the 1960s...


The Caring Energy by Bill Scar, Editor

Posted on 5/12/2022
The politics of these times, and the revelations of the battles again to be fought, are painful distractions from our respect for the spirits and Caring Energy that are not distributed according to arbitrary descriptive labels. We are distracted...


Book Release Announcement from CPSP Press: Clinical Pastoral Training, Education, and Transformation

Posted on 4/21/2022
Robert Charles Powell’s classic publication, Clinical Pastoral Education: Fifty Years of Learning through Supervised Encounter with 'Living Human Documents', is reprised and expanded in this first volume of his collected writings...


The Interrelated Structure of Reality by Andrew Harriott

Posted on 4/19/2022
Until today, I have passively sat aside and chosen not to raise any eyebrows or cause any waves in whatever environment I am in. This past February, especially, I became aware of my ancestors as I watched a television show on a black museum...


The Graduate Institute of CPSP by Raymond J. Lawrence, Dean

Posted on 4/18/2022
If you want to become a competent pastoral clinician, first get a significant grasp of the history and theory of pastoral psychotherapy and its related social science literature. Only then will a religious authority be prepared to engage...


Listening Closely to Wisdom, Guiding Your Heart to Understanding by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 4/7/2022
Boisen believed that clinicians should discover for themselves the meaning of the different forms of illness and that psychotherapy depended less on technique than on caring relationships between people In his Exploration of the Inner World …


Open Access to Robert C. Dykstra's Article, "Guardians of Childhood..." in Pastoral Psychology

Posted on 4/6/2022
Raymond Lawrence reminded me to look again at the keynote address by Dr. Robert Dykstra at our 2020 Plenary. I agree with him about the importance of every one of us experiencing that address again.


Remembering Gene Allen by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 3/25/2022
Gene Allen as we knew him, or as his obituary reads, “the Rev. Dr. Eugene E. Allen,” died on February 11. I would like to extend condolences to his family and to those in our community who were close to him in his late years.


A Response to Dr. Powell’s Prophetic Clarion Call to the CPSP by by The Rev. Dr. B Gonzalez y Perez

Posted on 3/14/2022
In 2011 Dr. Robert Charles Powell, the leading historian of the Clinical Pastoral movement, was invited by the CPSP–in his words–”to present views on what is wrong with CPSP.” His contribution was the propitious essay...


A Critical Response to Tolerance and Encouragement Within A Covenant of... by Natoya Hylton

Posted on 3/9/2022
Robert Charles Powell’s article on Tolerance and Encouragement Within a Covenant of Mutual Accountability is as relevant today as it was first published in 2011. The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) was founded over three deca


(From 11/1/11) Tolerance and Encouragement: Within a Covenant by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 3/3/2022
Republished from Nov. 1, 2011 -- The College spoke out against the world into which it was born. Now it must speak out against itself. The College that burst upon the scene twenty-some years ago was an improvement over professional chaplaincy’s past.


Our History and Our Future Come Together by Bill Scar

Posted on 2/22/2022
We are excited to announce the new publication of documents in the coming days and months that are significant for the future of the CPSP. The PASTORAL REPORT will first republish a 2011 essay from our esteemed historian Robert Powell, MD, PhD...


Introducing the 32nd CPSP Plenary Speaker: F. Barton Evans, PhD by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 2/3/2022
Both Boisen and Sullivan understood the tragic power of isolation and loneliness to undermine sanity. Both Sullivan and Boisen understood anxiety as a kind of “double-edged sword” – a factor that had to be managed carefully – even tenderly...


Do We Have the Wisdom and Grace to Lead? by Bill Scar

Posted on 1/20/2022
The CPSP proudly and boldly proclaims that we fulfill the spirit of Anton Boisen and the heart of pastoral care and psychotherapy. We build formation and accountability around the integrity of our system of Chapters. What does this mean...


Book Review: Bursting the Bubble: The Tortured Life and Untimely Death of David Vetter

Posted on 1/19/2022
In a story told by his child psychologist at St. Luke's-Texas Children's Hospital, Mary Ada Murphy, Ph.D., provided her first-hand account of her relationship with David Vetter, the child known to the world as the "Bubble Boy"...


The Role of the Behavioral Scientist in the Civil Rights Movement

Posted on 1/17/2022
We thank David Plummer for reintroducing us to this speech by Dr. King. And just this month, we were again reminded that his father changed his own name to Martin Luther in response to a conference he attended in Nazi Germany in 1934...


The Real EPIPHANY— by Bill Scar, Editor

Posted on 1/6/2022
There is our mission, to bear witness to truths that are greater than the limits of our human doubts and misery and suffering and hopelessness. That is what pastoral psychotherapists, the chaplains, and counselors on the front lines of human loss...


CPSP Members in the News – Pastor Asnel Valcin

Posted on 1/4/2022
Although I left Haiti 35 years ago, my heart never left the country of my birth. The August 14th earthquake shook the country at the worst possible time in its history. Thankfully, my CPE/T formation prepared me to answer the call to move forward...