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CPSP Welcomes Parthenia Caesar as the new Administrator by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 9/21/2021
Parthenia brings over twenty years of extensive corporate experience in risk and controls, serving as an operations risk manager and compliance officer with Wells Fargo, BNB Bank, and Citigroup.


Remembering Tina Salinas: A Celebration of Life, presented by Katrina Ornelas

Posted on 9/14/2021
On September 2, 2021, the Alamo Chapter Celebrated the Life of the Reverend (Chaplain) Tina Louise Salinas. Tina was born on April 17, 1960. She died on August 18, 2021, due to COVID-19 complications.


Being Well is Being Free to Accept It or Not by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 6/22/2021
This is why our Dunbar Awardee’s works might well be described as “imagined ‘living human documents’ come alive”. Obviously, challenge – accepting it or not – is a main theme in our Dunbar Awardee’s work...


Remembering Kenneth C. Blank by Raymond J. Lawrence

Posted on 5/13/2021
Ken Blank, a Diplomate in the Savannah, GA Chapter(formerly, Indian Nations - San Antonio Chapter) and past-president of CPSP, died this weekend. Ken lived in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife of 42 years, Audrey, and was a father and grandfather...


The Life of George L. Buck by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 5/12/2021
George seems to have been the last of us to have had personal contact with Anton Boisen himself. He met Boisen at a meeting of the Council for Clinical Training in Chicago in the early 1960s, a couple of years before Boisen’s death.


CPSP Mourns the Death of Bill Alberts by Raymond J. Lawrence

Posted on 3/26/2021
Rev. William E. Alberts, Ph.D., a long-time member of CPSP, certified Diplomate Supervisor, and active in the Concord, NH Chapter, died with the coming of this vernal equinox, on March 21.


General Secretary’s Report to the Governing Council, October 2020

Posted on 3/10/2021
No man is an island; neither is a woman. We are responsible for ourselves, our communities, the CPSP community, and the ambient culture as well. We think of the coronavirus as the new plague. Indeed it is, but there’s a worse plague among us.


Taking Up The Mantle by David Roth

Posted on 2/9/2021
For as long as there has been a Pastoral Report (PR) its editorship has been in the hands of CPSP co-founder Perry Miller, who has also served continuously as the chair of the Communications Committee.


Reflections on the Recent NCTS-East Virtual Event

Posted on 11/6/2020
National Clinical Training Seminar–East (NCTS-East) just went virtual for 2020 this week, making it the first national event for CPSP that was held entirely online! For the past nineteen years, NCTS-East has been held mainly in New Jersey...


Pastoral Care Week, October 25-31, 2020

Posted on 10/13/2020
Sometimes a picture is more informative and revealing than either words or actions, referencing the thought, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


Remembering Ron Evans by Raymond J. Lawrence

Posted on 10/7/2020
The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy mourns the death of Ron Evans, who died on October 1, at age 84, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. An early member of CPSP, Ron showed up at the fourth Plenary, held at the Episcopal Camp in Greenville



Posted on 9/2/2020
It was brought to the attention of the Executive Chapter of CPSP that Muslim detainees' religious rights and dignity are being violated by the U.S. Dept. of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


An Important Netflix Documentary in August by Dave Plummer

Posted on 7/24/2020
Netflix has put together quite a damning exposé on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.



Posted on 7/6/2020
Our Administrative Coordinator, Krista Argiropolis, dug the following document out of our archives yesterday and sent it around to several persons in leadership. It is my 1999 Annual Report to the community.


A Perspective to Consider in Today's World by David Plummer

Posted on 6/24/2020
We're taking a moment to share a 17-minute video by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales (many Christian parents and people raised in Christian homes will know about this series).


Anton Theophilus Boisen as a Clinician - in favor of psychotherapy by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 6/17/2020
Becoming one’s best as a clinical pastoral chaplain was an individual task, albeit one that benefited the entire world. Too many would-be clinical pastoral chaplains, he believed, wanted ‘to be told at once what to do’


A Call to Arms by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 6/8/2020
But I want to pass on to you what Robert Powell wrote to me yesterday via email: “Tell the community to read Jennifer Harper’s paper without fail.” It is so long that it is in two sections.


A Statement Against Racism and Injustice

Posted on 6/5/2020
We, the professional pastoral care community called the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy, call on communities of faith, the clergy of all traditions, and all conscientious people of goodwill to condemn the racism, violence, and hatred


The HeART of Conversation, and Care by Jennifer R. Harper, MDiv, DD, NCPsyA

Posted on 6/4/2020
s I considered this conference today and wondered what might be useful to offer into your larger conversation for the weekend, I thought about the various and many settings in which we Carers, provide Care.


Ecumenical Psychodynamic - Exegetic - Clinical Pastoral Chaplaincy by Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD

Posted on 5/31/2020
Boisen spoke repeatedly of the need for a ‘systematic attempt to diagnose’ where the suffering person stands, so that ‘we may be able to bring to bear, according to the needs of the particular case, the forces of healing and power’...


Reflections on Minneapolis by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 5/27/2020
There is a time to grieve and a time to act. Today we may need simply to grieve. But tomorrow we must take action. Otherwise, the forces of hatred and racism will consume us.


Calling All CPSP Clinicians and Diplomates (Diplomates are clinical, too!) by David Plummer

Posted on 5/21/2020
On 19 May, Professor Austyn Snowden of Napier University Scotland (and part of ERICH - a research institute initiated by chaplains for chaplains to enhance spiritual care practice) invited CPSP-affiliated chaplains to join


CPSP Chaplain Serving on the Frontline of the Coronavirus War

Posted on 4/3/2020
CPSP Chaplain Rabbi Dr. Hillel Fox was interviewed recently for a New York Post article about his role as a hospital chaplain during the coronavirus pandemic.


For Those Who Read by Raymond J. Lawrence

Posted on 3/24/2020
In December, Joanne Greenberg published a novel entitled Jubilee Year, based on Leviticus 25:4,10. When I finished reading it, I had thoughts of the story as a fantasy of what the end of civilization might be like.


A Message to the CPSP Community from Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Posted on 3/14/2020
The current coronavirus crisis has left the nation, the world and the CPSP community in a state of confusion and some degree of anxiety. No one knows how bad or how long this pandemic will last.