CPSP Cyber Meeting of the Governing Council Announced

10 Aug 2015 7:39 PM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Editor's Note: Bill Scar, CPSP President, sent the following message to all members of the CPSP Governing Council:

To All Members of the CPSP Governing Council,


We now look forward to the upcoming meeting of the CPSP Governing Council, which has been revised to become a cyber meeting. As you know this change was indeed the result of many concerns expressed about total costs to the CPSP and to individuals for this business meeting. In addition, there were those who indicated that they could not make it to New Jersey and asked us to find some arrangement for them to be "present" electronically.

The solution to these concerns was to move creatively to cyber meeting technology for the entire event. Although we cannot make everyone happy about this decision, we can ask for everyone to cooperate and help us to make the very most of this opportunity to work together using the latest in media.

Our success will depend on the good faith efforts of everyone involved, and this will move our beloved CPSP forward into the 21st century at last. Individual Chapters and committees are already using the Internet. The willing spirits and faithful example of our Governing Council members next month will redound to the benefit of future events and our future leaders. This is really about our future, at a time when other clinical organizations are stagnating or terminating their programs.

In concurrence with our General Secretary, Raymond Lawrence, I am calling the Governing Council into session to begin at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 20th. The schedule will be organized to take advantage of the possibilities afforded by this form of meeting technology. The meeting will end no later than 3 p.m. on Monday, September 21st.

Our ethic is fulfilled when we bring together the input from all parties. Right now, the three Chapters [Chapter of Chapters, Diplomate Chapter, and Executive Chapter] that form the Governing Council, along with our Standing Committees, are meeting to complete their work, from which the agenda and schedule will be finalized. At that time, participants will be informed of the procedures for connecting to the GC meeting. We have already been testing the technology, and it is superior to what was available even just a year ago.

We are excited to initiate a new format for engaging one another and the work that must be done. Neither the meeting nor we have to be perfect. With patience, good will, and a spiritual blessing or two, we will learn and we will succeed.


Bill Scar, President